General Business and Rental Terms

1. Signing of contract and execution of the journey
The lease agreement is concluded exclusively with the "Camper-Rent-24"

GM-Leasing & Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH,
represented by the executive Director Frank Sacher,
Mittenwalderstr. 49, D-82431 Kochel am See.

The local service provision and transfer of the vehicles is done via one of the indicated service stations.

The basis for the rent of a camper is a rent contract for the respective vehicle and not a total of travel services of a travel operator.

The lessee plans and executes his journey by him/herself and uses the vehicle in his own responsibility - therefore regulations of the Travel Contract Law are not applying. Also, the takeover and return protocol, which has to be filled in entirely and signed by the person renting the vehicle and the service station, is a part of the rental contract.

2. Minimum age
The minimum age of the lessee and the driver has to be 21 years. The driving license of the (old) class 3 respectively the class B has to be owned by the persons renting the vehicle and the driver or at least one year. At collection of the vehicle the lessee and / or the driver have to deposit a copy of the driving license and also have to assure that at collection they neither are forbidden to drive a vehicle nor that the driving license has been withdrawn.

3. Rental prices
The prices of the price list valid at contract close are valid. The rental prices include the following:

  • Fully comprehensive cover with an excess of Euro 1,000.- per incident
  • Partially comprehensive cover with an excess of Euro 1,000.- per incident
  • Third party insurance with unlimited cover (100 Mil. general for personal damages, damages to property and asset damages, Euro 8 Mil. per injured person)
  • Maintenance services and repairs for wear and tear

In case of damage we will charge a handling fee for the processing costs (Damage Processing Fee) in the amount of € 25.00. The tenant is free to prove that no damage was incurred or is significantly lower than the flat rate levied.

The staff of our service station will offer to do additional provisioning trips for Euro 25.- per started hour. These fees are to be paid directly to our staff at the service station.

Expenses for fuel and costs of operation are at the responsibility of the lessee. The vehicles will be handed over fully fueled and have to be fully fuelled when they are returned. Missing fuel will be noted in the return protocol, filled up by the service station and an additional fee of Euro 25.- will be charged.

The rental prices are always valid from station until return to the station. One-way rentals are offered on request. The respective season's prices will be charged respective to the utilization by the lessee.

If the vehicle is returned after the time agreed on in writing, we will charge Euro 25.- additionally per started hour (but at most one total day's price for each late day) and will relay any compensation claims claimed by the succeeding lessee or other persons because of late collection of the vehicle.

In the case of continued use of the vehicle after the return date agreed on there is generally no agreement with the renter to the automatic change to a rental contract for an unlimited time. We already disagree with a further usage.

If a vehicle is returned before the end of the rental period agreed on the fully rental price agreed on in the contract is payable, except when the vehicle can be rented out otherwise. There is also a rental minimum period according to the currently valid price list for specific travel periods. We will charge a one-time service fee for each rental. The lessee is responsible for any fees, taxes and fines caused by usage of the vehicle, which are charged to the lessor, except if they have been caused by fault of the lessor.

4. Reservation, rescission and rebooking
Reservations of a camper are only binding after written confirmation. After issuing of the written confirmation of the reservation the lessee has to make a minimum prepayment of 30 % of the total price but at least 300 € within 5 days via bank wire.

The confirmed reservation can rebooked by the lessee until latest 3 days before the agreed start date of the rent, as long as there are other capacities available. For such a rebooking Camper-Rent-24 is charging a handling fee of Euro 50.- per rebooking.

Cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation up to 45 days before departure 15% of the rental price,
  • from the 44th to the 22th day before departure 50% of the rental price,
  • from day 21 up to 7 days before departure 80% of the rental price and
  • from 6 days before departure or non-acceptance 95% of the rental price!

Any eventually due cancellation fees will always be calculated from the first confirmed reservation onwards.

5. Terms of payment
The remaining price of the rent has to be transferred to the account of the booking office on behalf of Camper-Rent-24 until 4 weeks before start date of the rent without any discounted fees.

The deposit of Euro 1,000.- can be deposited at collection of the vehicle in cash or has to be transferred to our deposit account before takeover of the camper van. The lessee has to provide proof thereof at collection of the camper van. The refund of the deposit (bank wire/cash) is done immediately after your return, of course provided that there are not any damages reported. You will received a return protocol at return of the camper van!

6. Liability/Fully comprehensive cover
The lessee is responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle during the rental period and during usage according to the contract only up to Euro 1,000.-. The excess on the insurance cannot be excluded, but for Euro 9.50/ day it can be reduced to Euro 0.- partially comprehensive cover and Euro 500.- fully comprehensive cover.

In the case of intentional or excessive negligence resulting in damage being caused to the vehicle, especially involving the use of drugs or alcohol, the limitation of liability no longer applies.

The same applies for damage caused through disregard of the point 265 (Headroom Clearance) according to article 41, paragraph 2, point 6 of the German Highway code (respectively comparable laws in a foreign country). If the lessee fled from the scene of an accident or if he disregarded his duties according to point 7 of these terms, he is fully responsible for any damaged except if the injury has had no effect on the establishment of the damage. The lessee has also an unlimited responsibility for all damages caused by an unauthorized driver (point 8) or through forbidden use (point 9) of the vehicle or caused by improper loading or improper use of vehicle. Besides this the legal liability applies.

We have to state expressively that in the case of violations of the rent contract's regulations any insurance cover will be annulled. Excepted from the insurance cover are all damages caused by water and salt water which were caused by the fault of the lessee. The insurance is not be liable for damages caused by the contact of the vehicle with salt water or if the vehicle is stuck in the water. Personal effects which are damaged or lost through an accident or theft are also not insured. The following issues are excepted from any insurance cover:

The lessee will be liable in full for the following damages on the vehicle or third-party property:

  • Damages which are caused by the vehicle being stuck in water
  • Damages caused by salt water
  • Damages caused by actions violating the regulations of the rent contract (for example driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and/or gross negligence
  • Damages caused by the usage of the wrong fuel, of water and oil are not replaced or warning signs in the vehicle are not followed
  • Damages at the subsoil
  • Tire damages which are not caused by normal wear and tear
  • Costs for repair and hauling caused by driving on prohibited streets or in restricted areas
  • Costs for the salvage of hauling of vehicles which have become stuck through fault of the lessor
  • Costs for lost vehicle keys or keys locked in the vehicle

7. Return protocol/Damage report
The lessee has to report any faults of the vehicle noted after start of the rent period immediately at the service station, but latest at return of the vehicle. The lessee has to state the faults in full and in writing in the return protocol.

8. Behaviour regarding accidents
After an accident, fire, theft or damage caused by game the lessee must inform the police and the service station immediately. Opposing claims are not to be acknowledged. The lessee must inform the service station in the form of a complete written report including a drawing, even in the case of small damages. The accident report has to include the name and address of the people involved and of any witness as well as the registration numbers of all vehicles involved.

9. Permitted driver
The vehicle can only be driven by the lessee himself and those mentioned in the rental contract, as long as they have reached the minimum age and are owning a valid driving license according to point 1.

10. Forbidden use
The tenant is forbidden to use the vehicle for the following:

  • Participation in motor sport events and vehicle tests
  • Transportation of easily flammable, poisonous or other dangerous substances
  • Committal of customs or other criminal offences, even if these are only against the law of the site of the offence
  • Further rental for other purposes outside the permitted use, especially for driving on unsuitable terrain.

11. Collection and return

Before the start of the journey it is especially important that the lessee receives an introduction to the vehicle from our service station. An appointment for both the collection and return will be agreed before and will take place at our service station. The transfer to the service station is guaranteed, if booked. Under certain conditions a vehicle for the transfer back to the airports Alghero / Cagliari and Palermo and Trapani will organized at favourable renting fees.

Usually acquisition is possible Monday to Sunday at the service station from 13:00 until 17:00 p.m and return of the vehicle is possible from 8:00 until 12:00 a.m. at the service station. If the accounting plan will allow and in consultation with the service station ist is possible to perform the handing over in the morning and in the afternoon, the acquisition made ​​the return. In these cases, a separate service fee will be charged. On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays and depending on the service station (country / island), a separate fee (see price list) may apply.

During the months November until including February the returns will be done at daylight, latest at 04.00 p.m. and not before 08.00 a.m., or after agreement with the service station. In order to facilitate the return of a vehicle in the morning, a control of the vehicle on the day before the departure is possible after agreement with the service station. Guaranteed collections in the morning or returns in the afternoon are possible against the charge of an additional day's rent. You should plan sufficient time for the return of the camper to enable a control of the vehicle for damages without any time pressure. If there is not sufficient time for an orderly return, the control will be done after departure of the lessee by the staff of the service station. The deposit will - if deposited in cash money - be afterwards transferred to the account of the lessee. There will be no additional fees for collections on Saturdays or Sundays.

Transfers of the vehicle outside of the opening times agreed on with the service station will be charged for with a fee according to our price list.

Transfers which start after 05.00 p.m. and have not been completed until 06.00 p.m., are subject to fees.

12. Replacement vehicles
Camper-Rent-24 has the right to provide as a replacement a camper of the same or better class or a car of the middle class in connection with accommodation according to the Standard Agriturismo in the case of factual impossibility of provision of the rented vehicle, which has not been caused by Camper-Rent-24, in the case of technical defects, or in the case of delayed return of the vehicle by the previous lessee. Besides this there can be a change of vehicles during the duration of the rent due to important reasons, whereas the exchanged vehicle has to be of the same or better category. In case a smaller vehicle is offered and accepted the price difference between both vehicles will be refunded.

13. Allowed travel area
The operating area of the rented vehicle is limited to the regions listed in the rental agreement.
If the tranfer on Sicily, mainland only Sicily without the mainland of Italy.
If the tranfer on Sardinia, only Sardinia and Corsica.
If the tranfer in Germany, all EU countries, excluding Estonia and Latvia. Plus Switzerland and Croatia. Other countries on request. Deviations from Item 13 of these terms must be included in the lease contract.

14. Repairs
Necessary repairs during the rent period, for example repairs safeguarding the usage and traffic safety of the vehicle, may be ordered by the lessee him/herself up to a price of Euro 150.-. For larger repairs they may be done only after agreement with the service station. The costs of the repairs are born my Camper-Rent-24 after provision of the respective documents and the exchanged parts in cases in which the lessee is not liable for the damage (see point 5). Because of rent provision not according to the contract the lessee may claim redress, reduction of rent or refund for damages as long as Camper-Rent-24 is responsible for any deficiency of the vehicle. For redress the customer has to report noted deficiencies immediately to the service station and allow adequate time for repairs to Camper-Rent-24. We exclude any claims for damages on vehicles which were existing before close of the contract and for which Camper-Rent-24 is not responsible.

15. Rejection/Limitation period
Claims to matters not in accordance with the rental contract must be submitted in written form to Camper-Rent-24 within one month of the returning date of the vehicle agreed on in the contract. After the end of this time period claims can be validated only if the exceedance of the period is not the lessee's fault. Contractual claims from the tenant are limited to six months after the return date agreed on in the contract. If the tenant has made such claims the limitation has to be restrained until the day when Camper-Rent-24 rejected the written claims.

16. GPS tracking of vehicles
The vehicles can be equipped with a GPS tracking system.

17. Saving and passing personal information onto third parties
The lessee agrees that the reservation offices working on behalf of Camper-Rent-24 will save his/her personal information. Camper-Rent-24 may pass this information via a central warning ring onto third parties with a rightful interest if

a) At the time of rental the relevant information was incorrect in important details, or
b) The rental vehicle was not returned within 24 hours of the termination of the eventually extended rental period, or
c) Rental demands have to be claimed in legal collection proceedings, or
d) Cheques from the lessee could not be cashed.

18. Court of jurisdiction/Applicable laws/Misdemeanours
Munich is the court of jurisdiction for all legalities resulting from this contract insofar permissible by law and as long as the lessee has no domestic general court of jurisdiction or if after the signing of the contract he is residing abroad or if his domicile is unknown at the time of the instigation of the legal proceedings.

For all disputes arising out of or on account of this contract German law applies.

Traffic offenses (parking violations, traffic offenses and the like) draw an offense being taken, we ask you to regulate directly and locally. In processes that need to be edited by Camper-Rent-24, a handling fee of 35 € will be charged. This also applies to receivables from tolls which Camper Rent 24 reached later.

19. Partial invalidity
If one of the terms of business is not valid, this does not affect the other terms of business.

As of June 2019